FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions:




1.1. Is this house suitable for year-round living?

Answer: Yes


1.2. How to heat the house?

Answer: Standard equipment includes  electric heaters. There are built in power sockets for convectors under the windows. Because of the high energy-efficiency of the house and low cost of electricity, we don't see the reason to use gas heating. There is also an opportunity to have a wood stove or a fireplace as well.


1.3. The thickness of insulation according to the project is 150mm. Is the roof and the floor insulated as well?

Answer: Yes, DublDom is insulated around the perimeter.


1.4. Can I use DublDom in the Far North?

Answer: Yes, but at very low temperatures the house will consume a lot of energy for heating. It is possible to add an additional layer of insulation.





2.1. What material are used for facade and roof?

A: As a standard configuration, the grey metal sheets are used. There may be different types of non-standard finishing: shingles, board lath (wood shingles), larch board, untrimmed plank in different combinations, green roof, copper of zinc roof, various composite materials.


2.2. Is it possible to substitute the glass in the end wall and make it blank wall?

Answer: No, because it would change the appearance of the whole project significantly.


2.3. How environmentally friendly are the materials used?

Answer: All of the materials used in DublDom are environmental-friendly and safe.

The whole frame, interior and furniture are made of solid wood without use of adhesives.


2.4. Does the project include the ventilation system?

Answer: Yes, of course! There are air ducts from the main zone and toilet - they can be connected to a forced ventilation system or the system can be left in a passive mode. Also, there are fan risers for the sewage ventilation.


2.5. What is the lifetime of DublDom?

Answer: It is believed that the house built using frame technology lasts at least 75 years.


2.6. What is the design of walls, floors and ceilings used DublDom?

Answer: The whole house is assembled using frame technology. As the frame we use dry planed board 45x145mm.There is a vapor barrier and imitation of timber inside, wind hydro protection and external cladding outside.


2.7. How are the materials processed?

We use water based varnish and paint inside. All the visible wooden structures are covered with PINOTEX impregnation on the outside, board floor of the terrace or veranda is covered processed oil.


2.8. Seismic resistance. Is DublDom meant to be used in the areas with seismic activity?

A: Yes !!! The main proof of that is the possibility of transporting DublDom by a lorry.





3.1. Is there a recommended configuration of the foundation? (Quantity of the supporting pillars).

Answer: Yes, there is. There is a recommended number of pillars for every model. For example, for DublDom 26 there should be at least 9 piles. For DublDom 40 we need 12 piles. Terraces add another 3-4 piles.


3.2. What kind of the foundation is required?

Answer: We recommend to use screw piles with strapping. Concrete pillars can be an alternative as well as solid plate or strip foundation. If DublDom is set for a short period, it is also possible to temporarily set the house on a solid base (concrete slabs, asphalt)


3.3. What are the delivery costs?

Answer: For transport modules we hire transport companies or private carriers. Delivery costs always depend on the distance from the production to the installation site.


3.4. Can you deliver to ...

Answer: We have an experience of successful transportation of the modules for the distances up to 3000km. We do not give a guarantee of the safety of the structure for the longer distances. Transportation over long distances must be considered individually in each case based on the distance and quality of roads.


3.5. Does the customer builds the foundation ?

Answer: Yes. We can recommend the company that already has the experience in manufacturing foundations using screw piles for DublDom.


3.6. Is it possible to deliver and install DublDom in wintertime.

Answer: Yes! DublDom can be transported and installed at any temperature. The only thing is that it shouldn't be raining or snowing.


3.7. What equipment is used for transportation and installation of DublDom?

Answer: We use low-frame open trucks with manipulator. These are small vehicles that can get to the most places. If you can not drive right to the installation site, you will need to use a separate crane with a jib up to 15 meters.





4.1. What about sewerage and other networks?

Answer: Water, sewerage and electricity are already made - they only need to be connected to external networks.


4.2. How to prevent water from freezing for the winter period?

Answer: We can recommend using heating cable, that can be installed along with all the plumbing. We have foreseen the openings for the heating cable. Sewerage system does not require heating.


4.3. What is included in a standard set?

Answer: The standard set includes modules with interior decor, utilities, installed plumbing (sink, toilet, faucets, water boiler), all wiring and fixtures.


4.4. What is the finishing that is available without increasing the cost of the project?

Answer: You can choose the color scheme for the interior, walls and ceilings.


4.5. What plumbing and wiring equipment is used in DublDom? Who is the manufacturer?

A: We use GROHE faucets, domestically produced sinks combined with a washing machine. All power sockets and switches are SIMON (Spain) , lamps are IKEA.






5.1. What are the payment terms?

Answer: 70% before the beginning of manufacturing, 25% upon completion of manufacturing and 5% of the total amount after the completion of the installation at the site.


5.2. Is there an opportunity to visit the place where modules get manufactured?

Answer: Yes, of course! Factory is located in Zhukovka, near Troitsk.


5.3. What's is a production and turnkey installation timeline of DublDom modules?

A: Production time depends on the workload of the factory and can be from 3 to 20 weeks. Sometimes particular modules are available in stock.


5.4. Can I register DublDom on my plot?

Answer: Yes, you can, like any other house in the presence of the design documentation.


5.5. Is it possible to make a house with an individual plan?

Answer: No.




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