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 www.bio-architects.com - Architectural Bureau of Ivan Ovchinnikov



Russia, Moscow (central factory and demo house):

address: Moscow, village Zhukovka

phone: +7 (495) 118-2723

e-mail: dima@dubldom.com

GPS: 55.511152, 37.288313


Czech Republic and European countries (pre-order):

address: Czech Republic, Ústí nad Labem, Vítězná 254

phone: +420 777 137 889

e-mail: cz@dubldom.com

web: www.dubldom.cz

GPS: 50.660819, 14.084724


Russia, Moscow, Besedi (factory and demo house):

адрес: Besedi

телефон: +7 (495) 118-2723

e-mail: 33@dubldom.com

GPS: 55.608833, 37.790033



United States and Canada (pre-order):

e-mail: egor@dubldom.com


Russia, Kazan:
address: Kazan, Dementieva str., 2Б
phone: +7(800)350-9753
e-mail: volga@dubldom.com
GPS: 55.849418, 49.093789



Franchise and partnership:




Russia, Sankt-Peterburg:

address: Sankt-Peterburg, pr. Kulturi, 41

phone: +7(931)005-1025

e-mail: piter@dubldom.com

GPS: 60.053514, 30.393412





Russia, Voronezh:

office : Voronezh, Solnechnaya str., 13
phone: +7(980)533-3333
e-mail: voronezh@dubldom.com

GPS: 51.678332, 39.164872



Russia, Smolensk (demohouse and factory):
address: Smolensk, Roslavlskoe highway, Tikhvinka str., area of gas station #10.

phone: +7(4812) 67-9097, +7(4812)24-4800

e-mail: smolensk@dubldom.com

GPS: 54.753822, 32.073415




Russia, Moscow, Himki (factory):
address: Moscow, Himki, Rabochaya str. 2A
phone: +7 (495) 118-2723
e-mail: himki@dubldom.com

GPS: 55.905700, 37.435700




Russia, Pokrov:

address: Pokrov, Oktyabrskaya str., 77A

e-mail: info@dubldom-33.ru

GPS: 55.915533, 39.168033




Russia, Ekaterinburg:

address: Ekaterinburg, 10-th km of EKAD

GPS: 56.807090, 60.792424
e-mail: ekb@dubldom.com




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