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DD 2.87

DublDom 2.87 designed for all year round living of all family. Each model provides a way out of the large bedrooms on the site through additional veranda. Different layout gives the opportunity to host from 2 to 4 bedrooms, one or two bathrooms, hallway and a large kitchen-studio with panoramic windows.








External dimensions of the house without the verandas (HEIGTH x WIDTH x DEPTH): 3.6х8х12.3m.

Living area: 87m2

BuildingTotal area: 100m2

Ceiling heigth: 1.85-3.1m.

Weigth: 12 tonns



insulation in floors - 200mm., in walls and roof - 150mm.


double glazing (external layer- toughened glass, inner layer with energy efficient layer)


wooden doors and windows with double glazing


hidden wiring plumbing and sanitary; bathroom with washbasin, toilet and shower; mixers GROHE;boiler 80 liters


Built-in electrical and recessed main switchboard


indoor and outdoor lighting


Interior decoration: wood massive imitation of lumber, massive wooden floor in the common area, mosaics and imitation of timber in the bathroom


Outdoor covering: ventilated facade of brushed metal painted as standard


heated floors in the bathroom


side panoramic windows


drains along the side facade with panoramic windows


wood finishing of side facade with panoramic windows




delivery of modules from production to the site


basement (screw piles)


work futher than 100km. from the factory


furniture & accessories








To this model will suit:


Additional insulation:

floors +50mm - 100.000

floors +100mm - 200.000

walls&roof +50mm - 150.000

walls&roof +100mm - 300.000



8х3m. - 225.000

8х1,5m.- -115.000



1.5х3m. - 30,000

1,5х6m. - 60,000

3.5х2m. - 45.000

8х3m. - 120.000

8х1.5м - 75,000


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